Sweet . International . Calm


I love doing E-learningExplainer voiceovers. My accent has been described as neutral and international and my voice as very clear and easy to understand. I would love to work with you on your next project helping you present your subject matter to your specific audience.

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Audio Books

Reading books is a passion of mine and is what got me started on my voice over journey. I love recording books. If you have a book you would like turning into an audio version then please do get in touch.

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I would love to work with you on your commercial project; adding words to promote your product/service or even website.

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Do you need help with a ministry broadcast voiceover, campaign ad for TV, Internet or Radio, Voice over on a music track or an audio book? I am passionate about Christ and about bringing the Knowledge of God to his people and introducing him to those who do not yet know him. Let me help you bring life to your project and reach the people you want to reach.

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If your business needs a new or updated IVR system, please do get in touch.

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